Phone system

Add one or more phone lines for Calling, Texting and Faxing. Engage with your clients via text messages and voice or video calls. You can get local or toll free phone numbers in US, UK and Canada.Ambivo's inbuilt soft-phone allows you to receive and make phone calls, text messages and faxes. Phone lines can be purchased for a low monthly subscription and faxes can be sent on a pay as you go pricing. Leverage advanced features like call recording, transcription, voice-mail-to-email and speech analytics with multi-speaker sentiment analysis. Create advance inbound queue routing based on agent's shift, availability or skills.


Clearly connect your teams and your customers from anywhere

Ambivo is a unified experience ready to go on the devices you already use. Call, Chat, Meet and collaborate on a single app with the ability to instantly roll-out new users, phone numbers, and devices to teams in 50+ countries from a web-based portal.

No downloads, no pins - start a new secure meeting or conference with your team or your customers directly from


Smart Contact Center

Deliver smarter customer service from anywhere. With Ambivo, you can deploy new contact centers, sales departments, and agents anywhere in the world in minutes, configured with a range of routing strategies.

Scale up or down as needed, promoting any employee to be a contact center agent, instantly empowered by AI guidance.