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Signup is Free for one user with no long term commitments or credit card. Take full advantage of customer engagement. manage leads, clients, deals, tasks. With intelligent followups, appointment reminders and alerts Ambivo strives to keep your client relationships optimized. Built in-app messaging & video calls keeps your teams and customers engaged.

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Voice Calls, Texting & Fax

Add one or more phone lines for Calling, Texting and Faxing. Engage with your clients via text messages and voice or video calls. You can get local or toll free phone numbers in US, UK and Canada.Ambivo's inbuilt soft-phone allows you to receive and make phone calls, text messages and faxes. Phone lines can be purchased for a low monthly subscription and faxes can be sent on a pay as you go pricing. Leverage advanced features like call recording, transcription, voice-mail-to-email and speech analytics with multi-speaker sentiment analysis. Create advance inbound queue routing based on agent's shift, availability or skills.

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Accept Payments via Credit Card (Multi national) or ACH (only in U.S.) Our Credit card and ACH fees are very competitive. There is no monthly fee or contracts to setup payments. Leverage Customer invoicing (either subscription based recurring or one time) to conveniently bill your clients with a trustworthy and compliant billing system.

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Gain efficiency by automating mundane or repetitive tasks such as creating appointment reminders, updating customer data or creating tasks. For example you can send a text to an agent when a lead is assigned, or trigger a process if the bank account's balance reaches a certain threshold. With over 20 events and trigger actions process automation can help strike the right balance of compliance, efficiency and analytics with a simple yet comprehensive rules based system.

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Developer APIs (Beta)

Leverage the growing API framework for Natural Language Processing, Call Recording Transcription, Speech Analytics & Sentiment Analysis.

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